Artistic statement

Life, death, and motherhood are the main topics that characterize my work. Time is the element that links them all and marks the rhythm of the existence in a wavy and endless cycle.

The starting point of my creative process is the daily life. All the small things happening every day give me the chance to undertake a deep and introspective journey. By working on what rises from this reflection, I try to turn a personal experience into a universal message. The result of this process is a body of works that span different media (drawing, installation, performance) and faces themes such as the little daily sorrows that concern everyone’s life, the sense of precariousness and nothingness common to an entire generation of people, the contemporary communication’s ambiguity and inefficacy.

In addition to media, the concrete matter of which every artwork is made is peculiarly important because it affects the meaning of artworks themselves.

I use recycled, frail and weightless materials for installations. Black, white, and the entire scale of grey are typical of my drawings, which are composed by thin, arcing and snaking lines. The final result is a sort of dreamlike and primordial atmosphere where space and time are blended together.