1980  born in Iasi (RO). Currently living and working in Turin (IT)

2010  MA in Graphic Techniques, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts,Turin (IT)


Solo show:


2013 – “Is everything precarious?”, Baricole-Vanni Occhiali, Turin (IT), curator Olga Gambari

2009 – “(Selves)portraits”,art gallery Aus-galerie,Latina (IT), curator Federica Miraglia

2008 – “Darwin’s childhood”, art gallery “Il Vicolo”,Genova (IT), curators Ferruccio Giromini and Ambra Gaudenzi


Selected group show:


2016 – “HERE”, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin (IT), curated by @artivisive di Cavallerizza Irreale

2016 – “Work in project@SCOOP”, SCOOP, Turin (IT), curators Clara Sofia Rosenberg and Davide Gambaretto.

2015 – Emulate#1” / “Emulate#2”, Callegari Guesthouse, Oratory of the Holly Trinity / Sartori International Museum, Padova (IT), curated by I’M A.R.T. –  Khorakhanè  Association

2015 – “Ecoismi”, Borromeo Island Park, Cassano D’Adda (IT), curator Ylbert Durishti

2015 – “Fake Bologna”,private location in Turin (IT), curator Clara Sofia Rosenberg

2014 – “The Upcoming Art – from an idea of Alessandro Marena”, National University Library, Turin (IT), curator Monica Trigona

2014 –  The role of Jewish woman in Sabbath – live performance, European Day of the Jewish Culture, Former Jewish Ghetto, Chieri (IT), curator Mariacristina Colli

2014 – “International Art LGBTE  S.A.L.I.G.I.A.”, Ex Tobacco Factory, Turin (IT), curators Sara Pedron, Telemaco Rendine and Barbara Vincenzi

2014 – “The art of making a difference” , Barolo Palace, Turin (IT), curators Anna Maria Pecci and Arteco

2013 – “Iside Contemporanea”, Museum Arcos of Contemporary Arts, Benevento (IT), curator Ferdinando Creta

2013 – “Beyond the body, the soul”, Villa Vallero, Rivarolo Canavese, curators Karin Reisova, Vittorio Sgarbi and Antonio d’Amico

2013 – “The Others”- contemporary art fair, The New Prisons, Turin (IT), curator Olga Gambari

2013 – “Every picture tells a story”, art gallery “Cfr. arte contemporanea”, Church of Saint Archangel Michael,Turin (IT), curators Carlotta Romano, Paola Tournon and Luca Terzolo

2013 –  ASVOFF6 (“A Shaded View of Fashion Film”),  Fashion Film Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR), curator Diane Pernet.

2013 – “ANGAR  A New Generation Artists”, Carriages Salla, Villa Mossa, Occhieppo Superiore (IT), curators Caterina Giansiracusa and Annalisa Zegna

2013 – “Il tempo macchia e smacchia”, art gallery “Cfr.artecontemporanea”, Church of Saint Archangel Michael,Turin (IT), curators Carlotta Romano and Luca Terzolo

2013 – “Charlotte: Blue, Yellow, Red. Recompose the broken”, Civic Museum of Contemporary Art Ducal Palace San Cesario, Lecce  (IT), curator Maddalena Castegnaro

2012 – “Principia Naturalia”, Castle of the Countess Adelaide, Susa (IT), curator Michele Bramante

2012 – ”Fever” – “SuperStars” project, “Magnifica Preda, The vintage way”, Turin (IT), curator Martina di Trapani

2011 –  “Masters and Young Artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin”, “The 12th Istanbul Biennial”, Istanbul (TR), curators Nazan Erkmen and Salvo Bitonti

2011 – “Paratissima” contemporary art fair, Turin (IT), curator Daniele Ratti for YLDA

2011 – “New Worlds”, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts,Turin (IT), curator Monica Saccomandi

2011 – “Arte&Shoah”, Museum of the Resistance, Turin (IT), curator Claudia Bourdin

2010 – “Summer Show”, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts,Turin (IT), curator Franco Fanelli

2009 –  VIIIth International Contemporary Engraving Biennial “Iosif Iser”, Ploiesti (RO), curator Valter Paraschivescu

2009 – “Beyond the barricades”, art gallery “Allegretti Contemporanea”,Turin (IT), curator Valentina Ruospo

2009 – “About primitive men and some other woods”, art gallery “De Faveri”, Belluno (IT), curators Karin Andersen and Viviana Siviero

2009 – “Babel – contemporary languages and shapes”,art gallery “Torre della Filanda”, Rivoli (IT), curator Gian Alberto Farinella

2009 – “Darwin – life, nature and evolution”, Giorgio Amendola Foundation,Turin (IT), curator Loris Dadam

2008 –  Second International Engraving and Drawing Triennal, Bangkok (THA), curator Yanawit Kunchaethong

2008 –  First International Engraving Biennial, Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts, Istanbul (TR), curators Hasip Pektas, Edav Teckan-Tomba, Sibel Avci Tugal

2008 –  Engraving exhibition, art gallery “Il Vicolo”, Genova (IT), curator Ferruccio Giromini

2007 –  VIIth International Contemporary Engraving Biennial “Iosif Iser”, Ploiesti (RO), curator Valter Paraschivescu




2015 – “Ecoismi”, Cassano D’Adda (IT), first prize

2014 –  Young Art Pitching, AMIEX – Art&Museum International Exhibition Xchange, Turin (IT), first prize

2013 – “L’Arte di fare la differenza”, II edition, curated by ARTECO, Turin (IT), finalist project

2013 – Carlo Bonatto Minella Prize, II edition, Rivarolo Canavese (IT), finalist

2012 – “Autofocus 4”, Contemporary Art Contest Turin (IT), second prize

2011 – “Arte&Shoah”, Museum of the Resistance, Turin (IT), first prize

2007 – “Life is a dream”, National Engraving Contest “organized by the Cultural Association Sergio Fedriani, Genova (IT), first prize

2007 – VIIth International Contemporary Engraving Biennial “Iosif Iser”, Ploiesti (RO),Honourable Mention


Residencies / Workshops:


2013 – “ANGAR – A New Generation Artists” , led by Caterina Giansiracusa and Annalisa Zegna, Villa Mossa, Occhieppo Superiore (IT)

2011 – Engraving general residency, led by Ivan Durt and Tom Dries, Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee (BE)

2010 – Engraving general residency, led by Ivan Durt and Tom Dries, Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee (BE)    


Artistic statement

Life, death and motherhood are the main topics that characterize my work. Time is the element that links them all and marks the rhythm of the existence in a wavy and endless cycle.

The starting point of my creative process is the daily life. All the small things happening every day give me the chance to undertake a deep and introspective journey. By working on what rises from this reflection, I try to turn a personal experience into a universal message. The result of this process is a body of works that span different media (drawing, installation, performance) and faces themes such as the little daily sorrows that concern everyone’s life, the sense of precariousness and nothingness common to an entire generation of people, the contemporary communication’s ambiguity and inefficacy.

In addition to media, the concrete matter of which every artwork is made is peculiarly important because it affects the meaning of artworks themselves.

I use recycled, frail and weightless materials for installations. Black, white, and the entire scale of grey are typical of my drawings, which are composed by thin, arcing and snaking lines. The final result is a sort of dreamlike and primordial atmosphere where space and time are blended together.